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About Me

I have a lot of interests and most of them are pretty standard; exploration, nature, travel, cultures, biking, painting, writing, etc, but the two that really set me apart, I believe, are the following:

I think that even deeper than my desire to create games is my intinct to tell stories. Game design is one form of storytelling, and it is arguably the most interesting because of its user participation and the dynamic results that interaction creates, but I also enjoy more traditional storytelling, in the form of books and movies.

I have a tendency to view people as puzzles that can be solved. Understanding a person is a matter of observing clues and drawing conclusions based on probabilities and testable theories. The more time you have, the more layers you can discover and the more accurate your overall understanding should become.

At some point, my facination with the psychology of individuals graduated to include the psychology of the masses. Understanding the masses is almost the opposite of the individual; with the individual, the focus is on differences, with the masses, the focus is on sameness. When designing media (including games) for the masses, the trick is to appeal to the largest possible demographic.

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